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AVTECH Room Alert

Room Alert is AVTECH's complete solution for "Advanced IT & Facilities Environment Monitoring, Alerting & More". It is designed to monitor temperature and environment conditions in multiple locations. All Room Alert packages allow users to log environment sensor status for immediate alert notification, historical review and graphing. Alert notifications via email, SMS, SNMP and more. Room Alert offers an easy to use web browser interface for configuring settings and viewing real-time sensor status from anywhere.

Room Alert models monitor for conditions such as temperature, humidity, power flood/water, smoke/fire, air flow, room entry, motion, heat index, sound, light and much more. Room Alert is perfect for environments such as phone or wiring closets, critical rack cabinets, large computer rooms or data centers, multi-building facilities and facilities of all types and sizes. They are connected via Ethernet and do not require a host PC for operation. Room Alert will help protect valuable equipment and other important assets to minimize downtime and reduce losses if a disaster does occur.

In addition to Room Alert's built-in web browser interface, each monitor includes a powerful software application from AVTECH known as Device ManageR. Device ManageR is bundled with the hardware at no additional cost (i.e. FREE with each monitor purchase), adding important benefits and ease-of-use above and beyond competitive products.

There are multiple models of Room Alert monitors available to meet the needs of organizations and applications, both large and small. Installation is quick and easy, typically taking just minutes. Multi-unit installations can be monitored through a single web page, whether Room Alert units are in a single room or distributed worldwide.

AVTECH Room Alert Models

  • Room Alert 3W
    Room Alert 3W Wi-Fi, Temperature, Humidity, Analog, 3 Sensor Capacity & More... Designed…
  • Room Alert 3E
    Room Alert 3E PoE, Temperature & Environment Monitoring, Light Tower Ready, 3 Sensor…
  • Room Alert 4ER
    Room Alert 4ER Temperature & Environment Monitoring, Light Tower or Relay Ready, Rack,…
  • Room Alert 12ER
    Room Alert 12ER PoE, Temperature, Humidity, Power, Relay, Light Tower Ready, Relay Inputs,…
  • Room Alert 32E
    Room Alert 32E PoE, Temperature, Humidity, Power, UPS, Relays, Light Tower Ready, Rack,…