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Environment Monitoring Cloud Service

There is a need for proper data collection, especially of the performance and real-time statistics of areas being monitored, in order to make proper and informed management possible.

Monitoring-as-a-service (MaaS)
It is a framework that facilitates the deployment of monitoring functionalities for various other services and applications within the cloud.

Traditional On-Premise Monitoring Framework

On premise monitoring is the traditional deployment model for monitoring private locations. This has been a very effective model over the years and works well for organization that can afford to implement this monitoring framework.   On-premise monitoring involves purchase of software tools and investing in monitoring infrastructure and skilled personnel.

When to Use On-Premise Monitoring

  • Customer wants to own the monitoring infrastructure
  •  Customer has the expertise trained personnel
  • Customer is sensitive about data

 The Adoption of Cloud and Software as a Service Delivery Models

Cloud computing has been evolving into different technology areas. These technology areas are finding increasing adoption in the marketplace. The economic drivers for adoption of Cloud Technologies have been well understood in the market.

  • Lower Investments
  • No Infrastructure Costs
  • Outsourced Technology Expertise
  • Simplified Management

Benefits of Monitoring as a Service (MaaS):

  • Ready to Use Monitoring Tool Login:  The vendor takes care of setting up the hardware infrastructure, monitoring tool, configuration and alert settings on behalf of the customer. The customer gets a ready to use login to the monitoring dashboard that is accessible using an internet browser. A mobile client is also available for the MaaS dashboard for customers.
  • Inherently Available 24x7x365:   Since MaaS is deployed in the cloud, the monitoring dashboard itself is available 24x7x365 that can be accessed anytime from anywhere. There are no downtimes associated with the monitoring tool.
  • Zero Maintenance Overheads:    As a MaaS, customer, you don’t need to invest in a network operations center.  Neither do you need to invest an in-house team of qualified IT engineers to run the monitoring desk since the MaaS vendor is doing that on behalf of the customer.

Environment monitoring in computer rooms, data centers and facilities of all types has become a critical part of 'Disaster Prevention' for professional managers everywhere. Thankfully, it's easy to stay informed about important environmental changes with Room Alert and The powerful tools make it easy for you to see alerts, create reports and graphs, view activity timelines, sort and select data, view status screens, and more. This enables your team to drill down to the important information or trends they desire, as well as be alerted immediately when problems begin. There is no software to install, no email server to configure, no complex configurations or concerns about network compatibility, no disk space consumption, and no need to run regular back ups... it's all handled for you in the cloud. allows managers to get the view and insight they need for better decision-making, faster response and future planning. This leads to greater uptime for your organization, lower meantime between hardware failures, smarter energy consumption and peace-of-mind for managers who can be assured that all is well when they are away.