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IT Physical and Environmental Controls Audit

Audits are important. They are sudden. They are urgent. Is that why audits make people uneasy? Or is it because we know that other companies are still failing compliance audits? Perhaps it is both, but the fact is, most organizations feel anxious about audits because they are unprepared and fearful.

One of the important factor being audited for in your environment is reliability because reliability is perhaps the most important requirement for a modern data center because of the dependency organizations have on IT systems. When the IT systems fail it is a major issue and so we must respond appropriately. The first priority is to get the IT systems back online.

what auditors need to know?

Although it is common to have sophisticated monitoring and alerting capabilities in physical equipment such as the uninterruptible power supply (UPS), computer room air conditioner (CRAC), and fire suppression systems, other aspects of the physical environment are often ignored.  Monitoring of equipment is not enough – the surrounding environment must be viewed holistically and watched proactively for threats and intrusions. Such threats include excessive server intake temperatures, water leaks, and unauthorized human access to the data center or inappropriate actions by personnel in the data center. IT administrators must have reliable systems in place to know what is going on.

During the auditing process of your IT environment and specially the physical part, auditors will examine your disaster recovery and business continuity plans and associated documentation in addition to physical security. That includes how you are monitoring your environmental conditions and if your have an early warning system if a threat exist.  For that reason IT managers should have an environmental monitoring system smart enough to record changes and take automatic actions when a threshold reached, such as instant alerting and corrective actions.

CAITEK provides reliable and affordable solutions for environmental monitoring and alerting that helps you to achieve compliance when the audit is being conducted and protect your valuable assets and investment.