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Product # MOD-GSM-1

GSM Modem w/USB Connect offers connectivity of Room Alert monitors located network wide to any GSM / GPRS satellite network, by utilizing a USB port on a networked PC running AVTECH's Device ManageR software with the Dial Out Bundle installed.

This easy to install, plug-and-play, quad-band modem is controlled via AT commands and programmable for setting and AT command customization. Built for AVTECH by Sierra Wireless, this modem features complete IP connectivity and a robust compact casing, ideal for industrial environments. This is our recommended and preferred modem for use with Device ManageR and requires installation of the Dial Out Bundle of plugins. It requires that you purchase a data SIM card from your mobile service provider.

 GSM Modem w/USB Connect

Air Interface   GSM / GPRS
Frequency Bands   850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz
 Alarm Power  3mA
 Standby / Idle Power  400mA
 GSM GPRS Max Power  GPR Class 10 33dBm
 CPU Processor Performance ARM946/DSP 
CPU Core Frequency Performance   104MHz (26MHz)
CPU User MIPS Available Performance   87MIPS
 Compatible Products Room Alert 32W, 32E, 26W, 26WO, 24E, 11E, 7E, 4E, TemPageR 4E, & 3E