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Modem - Voice w/USB

Product # MOD-VCE-2

Voice Modem w/USB connection is a reliable and easy to use 56K Phone/Internet/Fax modem. Device ManageR software users will be able to create automated alerts for Room Alert and TemPageR environment monitors network wide via a phone call where the alert text is spoken via the computer when the recipient phone is answered.

The modem connects to a USB port on a networked PC running AVTECH's Device ManageR software with the Dial Out Bundle installed. When used as an alert method, Device ManageR can trigger the Voice Modem w/USB Connect to dial one or more phone(s) directly and speak the alert text generated by the alert. Alert messages by voice start when the line is answered and are repeated three (3) times to account for message settings and where the recipient may be in a noisy environment and need to have the alert reported for clarity and complete receipt.

The modem is powered by the connected PC with no external power source required. All Room Alert and TemPageR monitors network wide can share the use of this modem.

Voice Modem w/USB Connect

 Interface  1 x USB 2.0 / 1 x RJ-11 Port
 Supported OS  Windows 7 (32/64-bit), Vista (32/64-bit), XP (32/64-bit), Linux
 Dialing AA mode / DTMF Tone 
LED Indicators   Data, Link
Data Rates  Up To 56 Kbps 
 Power Supply  USB Bus Powered
Compatible Products   Plugin - Dial Out Bundle, Device ManageR