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PoE Active Splitter (5V)

Product # POE-ADP-01

The PoE Active Splitter (5V) is designed to enable easy integration of Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology with supported AVTECH environment monitoring hardware. All Room Alert and TemPageR monitors are powered at 5V.

Therefore, the PoE Active Splitter will work with all network enabled models.

 When used with Room Alert products, the PoE splitter allows monitoring hardware to be placed anywhere Ethernet is available. This is an easy installation requiring about 30 seconds to complete and eliminates the requirement of having an electrical outlet near the desired location of a Room Alert or TemPageR monitor.

Power Over Ethernet Active Splitter

 LAN IN Input  10/100Base-T
LAN OUT Outpu   10/100Base-T
 Input Voltage  36 - 57 VDC
 Output Voltage  5 VDC