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Sensor Power

Product # RMA-PS1-SEN

Power Sensor provides real-time recognition of a power source going off or coming on. Common use is to monitor the power supply of a main, UPS or backup generator source.

Users will often install multiple Power Sensors so they can be immediately informed when one source fails and then immediately informed that the back up supply has taken over. Because Monitoring products allow notification when alert conditions are resolved, users will know immediately when conditions return to normal.

This is a switch sensor that comes complete with its own 5V International Power Adapter that plugs directly into the power source being monitored. The power adapter size is very small and allows for use on any outlet, power bar, rack or UPS. This is an instant 'Plug & Play' sensor via one of the switch sensor channels on the back of any compatible Room Alert monitor. Cable distance can be extended from the standard 7.5 meters to approximately 275 meters by using standard speaker wire, twisted pair or any reliable low voltage 2-wire cable.


 Environment Condition Monitored  Power
 Real-Time Recognition  Main Power On/Off
 Power Supply  5VDC 1A Adapter
 Sensor Cable Type  2 Wire Sensor Cable
 Sensor Cable Length  7.5 m
 Maximum Sensor Cable Length  Approximately 275 m
 Compatible Products Room Alert 32W, 32E, 12E, 11E, 7E, 4E & 3E