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PTZ Cameras

A pan–tilt–zoom camera (PTZ camera) is a camera that is capable of remote directional and zoom control.

An innovation to the PTZ camera is a built-in firmware program that monitors the change of pixels generated by the video clip in the camera. When the pixels change due to movement within the cameras field of view, the camera can actually focus on the pixel variation and move the camera in an attempt to center the pixel fluctuation on the video chip. This process results in the camera following movement. The program allows the camera to estimate the size of the object which is moving and distance of the movement from the camera. With this estimate, the camera can adjust the cameras optical lens in and out in an attempt to stabilize the size of pixel fluctuation as a percentage of total viewing area. Once the movement exits the cameras field of view, the camera automatically returns to a pre-programmed or "parked" position until it senses pixel variation and the process starts over again.

PTZ Camera support features such as smart tracking, smart defog, smart IR, IP66 rating and up to 36X optical zoom. Hikvision PTZ Cameras are easy to set-up and with a wide field of view, and deal for applications such as offices, retail parks, hotels, restaurants, traffic management and in public transport. Hikvision PTZ Camera quickly survey large areas manually or automatically and subjects can be easily tracked and monitored.
IR PTZ Cameras
Non-IR PTZ Cameras