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Data Center Preparation


Beginning with an assessment of client’s requirements (physical and functional). With requirements in mind, we create a data center construction design and build plan that meets needs, budget and timeframe and taking into account all aspects from architectural, electrical, mechanical, communications and fire and life safety needs.

A reliable performance starts with a proper design. Applying the design standards is deemed normative in the data center industry.

  • Constructional design
  • Electrical design
  • Mechanical design
  • Fire detection and safety
  • Server/Network Rack infrastructure
  • Inventory and of equipment

The complex process of the construction of a data center requires professional project management. We offer experienced project team with large-scale projects experience. CAITEK is the specialist that maintains an overview of your total data center infrastructure.

  • Civil work and site preparation
  • Raised floor and Ventilation tiles
  • Main electrical source and earthling
  • Cable ducts, cable trays
  • Rack-to-rack and backbone cabling
  • Room and Emergency lighting

Design scenarios from a variety of perspectives (technical, financial, operational). By preventing - or minimizing - single points of failure. After all, the objective of your data center is continuity, even in the event of maintenance work or component failure within the equipment.

Cooling and Airflow Management:
Because the right temperature and relative humidity are vital if the equipment set up is to function optimally and last, we design the most practical and cost effective cooling system for your data center. 

Security and Safety:

  • Access control
  • Intrusion alarm(s)
  • CCTV, surveillance
  • Fire extinguishing and alarm systems


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