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Infrastructure Services


IT infrastructure is the nervous system of any organization’s information system and the data transferred through it the life blood for the business.  Stable and efficient IT infrastructure is not an option for almost all organizations.
CAITEK offers end-to-end infrastructure deployment solutions that do not limited to a specific hardware or software provider. We support several brands of hardware as well as different operating systems and software (including client specific) which means that CAITEK recommend and implement what is right for the client in a simplified and professional way.

Whether you’re building a new location or need to upgrade your existing infrastructure, CAITEK is the right provider you need for your cabling projects. We design, install, and maintains structured voice and data cabling systems based upon the specific needs of your business.  We also offer expansion, redesign, migration and relocation for our clients networking environment with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations.

Network Solutions

CAITEK offers network solutions from designing to deployment and implementation. Are you looking to setup a new network? we are expert in designing and installing all types of high speed networks. The network solutions offered by CAITEK will help you make your office environment a lot more efficient. We take care of all details in a highly professional manner.

Hardware Installations

CAITEK engineers make sure that they provide you with the latest technology. The hardware for network installations includes all kinds of equipment including cabinets, wireless network adapters, servers, and patch panels. Our hardware experts ensure that all your network computers have been correctly configured. This means taking care of all the details involved including settings, software, and operating system.

Variety of Network Options to Choose From

We believe in providing our customers with a lot of variety in terms of the different types of networks available. Get wired or wireless network as per your business needs. Wired networks usually work better for voice and data. We take care of all the physical needs so everything works in sync. You can also opt for wireless network that offers great savings when you are expanding to add more users. It is easily scalable and convenient to growth with the business expansion.

Our IT infrastructure services include:

  • Assessment, design, installation and testing.
  • Data and voice cabling.  Multi-floors and between buildings.
  • Wireless network design / review.
  • Expansion, relocation, and changing.
  • Allow growth with minimal incremental cost.
  • Cable and networking material supply.
  • Routers, switches, firewalls configuration and management.
  • Security review and IT policies & procedures recommendation.
  • Documentation and layout plans delivered with every project


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