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Fire Alarm Systems


We provide uniquely made smoke, heat and gas detectors, fulfilling a special role or function for each of our customers.  From solution design to final implementation, we offer one-stop shopping for your residential and commercial detector needs. In a "one-size-fits-all" world, we work harder to tailor our solutions to meet our customer's needs.




Fire alarm control panels (4, 8 and 16 Zones) provide all of the sophisticated features required of a leading edge conventional fire alarm system along with the simple operation and efficient installation methods demanded by both installers and building users.

often used for projects of small and medium-scale investment costs with low and narrow region on alert.




Fire alarm control panel capable of connecting up to 250 addressable devices per loop. With its extra large graphical display, it configures almost all panel settings via its very simple interface or with built-in PC interface via Software. It stores almost all different actions monitored up to 4000 event log records, covers all small to medium size fire detection system needs.



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