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Water Leak Detector & Alarm


No one can predict when a water leak will occur in your facility. Water damage can cause all sorts of problems to critical facilities such as data centers, electrical distribution rooms, communication & telecom rooms, plants, offices and even houses. If not caught in time by water leak detectors, can cost these businesses millions of dollars worth of damage.

Behind electrical failure, water leaks are the most common reasons for business losses due to equipment failure and time wasted to fix and re-build. These are all things checked by building inspectors when people are purchasing or leasing a building for business purposes.

Water damage also may not be covered by business insurance policies. Even if it were covered, the loss of data on damaged computer system would not be able to be replaced, and no monetary amount would act as compensation for its loss.

Data centers and mission critical facilities have their own unique concerns when it comes to leaks. Much like the special electrical safeguards in place to prevent system failures, the water leak detection sensor is also made for dealing with specialized work spaces. Most water detection systems allow for detection of multiple leaks. These are better for covering larger areas and for more effective targeting when finding the location of the leak becomes critical.


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