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Non-Position Leak Detector


Model P-FP1A linetype water leak detector can monitor the dual-core leakage sensor cable up to 500 meters. It can be use with the sensor cable, and also can be use with the other sensor probes. Once the sensor contacted the water, P-FP1A will produce sound and light alarm,and drive relay.The P-FP1A cable type water leak detector using modbus RTU protocol controller programming,and monitoring system to facilitate integration.

P-FP1A either as stand-alone leak detection alarm can also be integrated with other network hosts collected using.

It can be used in base stations,warehouses,libraries,museums,parking lots and industrial sites and other important places of real-time leak detection,and more can be used for air-handling units,chillers,liquid containers,pump tank and other equipment needed to monitor leakage.


Model: P-FP1A
Sensor compatibility: Not located leakage sensing cables or similar cables
Maximum detection cable length: 500 meters
Accuracy: 100%
Storage temperature: -40 C ~ 60 C
Operating temperature: -20 C ~ 50 C
Humidity: 5%~95% (non-condensing)
Power: DC12V,3W
Network Configuration: RS-485 two-wire network,
  Optional baud rates,factory default 9600,
  Optional address is 0~255, factory default 0
Communication protocol: MODBUS  RTU
Function:  NO-COM /NF-COM,free to option
Rated value: AC250/3A,   DC30V/3A


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