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Monitoring , Control and Automation

As production systems and facility management become increasingly automated, monitoring systems are being integrated with control systems to provide growers with real-time and historical information on how various systems such as environment control are performing. The use of buildings and facilities which may be from hundreds of meters to kilometers away from the management office presents a number of technical problems to the manager who wants to carefully monitor and control the environmental conditions.

For example, the temperature monitoring is becoming more and more important in most of industries and businesses, like telecommunications, food industry, cold storage, the laboratory, pharmaceutical industry or even in environmental monitoring, temperature control is vital. Many people still underestimate the importance of having an adequate temperature monitor in place, but failing to have one could mean that the company is breaking the law.

Monitoring and control systems greatly reduce costs. They can provide improved environmental conditions and quality, improved performance, and more importantly reduce risks and downtimes. We provide fully scalable environmental monitoring solutions to keep an eye on the environmental conditions of different remote locations from a single monitoring station. This solution saves millions of dollars each year for organizations worldwide by allowing them to monitor their communication & control rooms, critical racks, data centers, storage facilities, warehouses, multi-building plants …... and other facilities.

CAITEK provide innovative solutions that help you keep an eye on our environment without being there and be notified instantly via phone, email or text when a condition falls outside your preset parameters. You get a cost-effective early warning system as well as detailed data logs and reports to demonstrate compliance. Automatic corrective actions can be taken to correct problems before production is impacted, equipment and property are damaged by triggering alarms, turning equipment ON/OFF or shutting servers down or sending signals to other control systems.

We also provide customized control panels integrated and operated by our monitoring systems to facilitate automatic control actions and keep your systems problems free.


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