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Flood Cable Extension

The Room Alert Flood Cable Extension is used to extend an existing Flood Sensor Cable configuration to your desired length. Connect the cable extension end to end up to 200' to complete your flood detection system.

This product includes the extension only. A Flood Sensor with 50' Cable is required to use this product.

Product # RMA-F050-EXT

The AVTECH Room Alert Cable Extension for our flood detection system is used to extend an existing Flood Sensor Cable configuration. This extension is attached inline between the leader cable and the existing water detection cable.

This Flood Cable Extension requires a Flood Sensor with a 50' Flood Sensor Cable and leader cable. The Flood Sensor Cable can be further extended by adding one or more additional 50' Flood Cable Extensions (sold separately).
Features & Specification

Standard Cable: Flood Cable
Standard Extension Length: 15 meters
Maximum Extension Count: 4
Compatible Products: Flood Sensor w/50' Cable ONLY. Not compatible with 8' or 24' flood cables.


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